Visio online for mac

A virtual whiteboard that helps you and your team collaborate to bring the best ideas to light. Lucidchart is a collaborative workspace that brings remote teams together in real time. Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation.

Diagrams are proven to help users organize, teach, and retain information more easily and effectively than with text alone—so why do programs like Visio make them so hard to create and implement? Lucidchart lets you create both simple and complex diagrams in minutes with easily customizable templates, hundreds of drag-and-drop shapes, and collaborative features.

No more wasted time and decreased productivity. While Visio Online requires users to sacrifice valuable functionality for real-time collaboration, our cloud-based platform has collaboration built right in.

Ready for a truly collaborative platform, but not ready to part with your Visio diagrams? Save time and avoid rework by moving them over to our free Visio alternative. Our Visio alternative integrates with Microsoft Office and Officeso you have the power to add mind maps, flowcharts, and other diagrams to your documents. Simple to install and easy to use, our Word, Excel, and PowerPoint add-ins let you illustrate data sets, create interactive presentations, and break up text-heavy documents with your Lucidchart diagrams.

Lucidchart also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to conveniently share, collaborate on, and even edit your diagrams directly in team channels. The ability to manage, edit, and share your Lucidchart diagrams alongside the rest of your personal, professional, or educational files makes our diagram software the ideal online Visio alternative. You can also use our Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides integrations to insert your diagrams into any word document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

Continue your work uninterrupted in Lucidchart, without ever worrying about losing the initial progress you made with your Visio diagrams. Your document will download as a VDX file to your local device.

Lucidchart is a more collaborative, easy-to-use alternative to Visio. Yes, Lucidchart offers convenient integrations that allow users to embed diagrams in Microsoft documents, Google Drive files, and collaborative platforms like Slack and Confluence. Visio users will not look back. Product Product Create powerful visuals to improve your ideas, projects, and processes. Overview Lucidchart overview A visual workspace for diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. Lucidchart Cloud Insights Visualize, optimize, and understand your cloud architecture.

Integrations Connect to the apps your team uses daily. Security International compliance, privacy, and security standards you can trust. Paid plans Individual Team Enterprise. Say hello to Lucidspark! Solutions Solutions Work smarter to save time and solve problems.

By team Remote teams Collaborate as a team anytime, anywhere to improve productivity. Engineering Plan, understand, and build your network architecture.

Visio For Mac – 10 Best Alternatives of 2021 For Pros

IT Speed up security reviews and troubleshoot issues quickly. Operations Define, map out, and optimize your processes. Product Plan projects, build road maps, and launch products successfully. Sales Align your revenue teams to close bigger deals, faster.A virtual whiteboard that helps you and your team collaborate to bring the best ideas to light.

Lucidchart is a collaborative workspace that brings remote teams together in real time. Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation. With twice the features for less than the price of Visio, Lucidchart is the best solution for Visio users looking for a more intuitive and collaborative diagramming experience. Our web-based software gives you access to role-specific templates, a wide range of shape libraries, and sharing options, making it a perfect fit for those in search of a complete enterprise diagramming solution or just a free Visio viewer.

Even our users with free accounts can view any Visio file in Lucidchart—no downloads, updates, or expensive software necessary. Rather than pay for an expensive Visio account and waste time installing a desktop-only software just to view files, you can use Lucidchart to view Visio diagrams. All Lucidchart users, even those on free accounts, can use our Visio import feature to open Visio files, while Lucidchart users with paid accounts can edit and share their Visio files using our intuitive interface.

Lucidchart was created out of a need for a more collaborative alternative to Visio. Rather than sharing static Visio files back and forth and creating versioning issues, use our web-based software to collaborate on live documents. Lucidchart works across Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems, so your entire team has access to the latest version of your diagram at all times.

Collaborators can view and edit the same document in real time, chat and mention other users directly in the editor, and share work instantly with published links. Our free integrations are easy to use, allowing you to insert your Lucidchart visuals directly into any document, spreadsheet, or slide for effortless documentation and team alignment.

visio online for mac

To use Lucidchart as a Visio viewer, navigate to the My Documents page and open the Import dialog box. Select the Visio file you wish to open from your computer. To export your document as a Visio file, open the document you wish to export. Then, download the document and share it as a Visio file. Lucidchart offers a much more intuitive and collaborative experience than Visio, with double the diagramming features and virtually no learning curve.

The Lucidchart team also releases new features and updates on a weekly basis, pushing the boundaries of diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. Lucidchart requires no installation and works on any operating system seamlessly. Our cloud-based software means you can access, edit, and share your work from any desktop or mobile device. The simple layout, easy sharing, and ability to build complex flowcharts make Lucidchart the best out there.

Visio Alternative Online

Product Product Create powerful visuals to improve your ideas, projects, and processes. Overview Lucidchart overview A visual workspace for diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration. Lucidchart Cloud Insights Visualize, optimize, and understand your cloud architecture. Integrations Connect to the apps your team uses daily. Security International compliance, privacy, and security standards you can trust.The product was first introduced inmade by the Shapeware Corporation.

It was acquired by Microsoft in Microsoft made Visio for Windows available in two editions: Standard and Professional. The Standard and Professional editions share the same interface, but the Professional edition has additional templates for more advanced diagrams and layouts, as well as capabilities intended to make it easy for users to connect their diagrams to data sources and to display their data graphically.

On 22 SeptemberVisio was released alongside Microsoft Office A few new features have been added such as one-step connectivity with Excel data, information rights management IRM protection for Visio files, modernized shapes for office layout, detailed shapes for site plans, updated shapes for floor plans, modern shapes for home plans, IEEE compliant shapes for electrical diagrams, new range of starter diagrams, and new themes for the Visio interface.

All of the previous versions of Visio used VSD, the proprietary binary-file format. Hence, a VDX file typically takes up 3 to 5 times more storage. Visio also supports saving files in SVG files, other diagramming files and images.

However, images cannot be opened. Visio began as a standalone product produced by Shapeware Corporation; version 1. A pre-release, Version 0. InShapeware Corporation changed their name to Visio Corporation to take advantage of market recognition and related product equity. Microsoft acquired Visio inre-branding it as a Microsoft Office application. Like Microsoft Projecthowever, it has never been officially included in any of the bundled Office suites although it was on the disk for Office and could be installed if users knew it was there [ citation needed ].

NET and Visual Studio Visio Enterprise Network Tools was an add-on product that enabled automated network and directory services diagramming. Visio Network Center was a subscription-based website where users could locate the latest network documentation content and exact-replica network equipment shapes from leading manufacturers.

Microsoft Visio adopted ribbons in its user interface in Visio November 19, BPMN [18] [ circular reference ] 2. There are no Visio versions 7, 8, or 9, because after Microsoft acquired and branded Visio as a Microsoft Office product, the Visio version numbers followed the Office version numbers. Version 13 was skipped owing to triskaidekaphobia. Visio does not have a Mac OS X version, which has led to the growth of several third-party applications which can open and edit Visio files on Mac.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diagramming and vector graphics software application. Not to be confused with Vizio Inc. Office Microsoft Docs. Retrieved July 19, The Verge. Retrieved December 25, Archived from the original on February 15, Archived from the original on March 16, Retrieved December 12, This is essential if you want to edit Visio files on your Mac and exchange Visio files with Windows users. All of the tools reviewed here however make it easy to draw diagrams on your Mac and import MS Visio files.

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SmartDraw is easily the most powerful yet easy to use alternative to Microsoft Visio for Mac. The best thing about SmartDraw is that it does everything that Visio can but makes it far simpler and faster.

SmartDraw has been on the market since and is used by around half of Fortune companies and more thanenterprises worldwide, many of them in Mac only environments. The other major reasons for its incredible popularity among both individual users and companies is that SmartDraw has been designed specifically to rival Visio rather than just an all-purpose diagram tool like many others and this is clear in the little touches that make it stand-out from the crowd.

There are more than 4, diagram templates in SmartDraw compared to little more than in Visio.

visio online for mac

These cover almost every conceivable need from flowchartsorg-charts and floorplans to topics as diverse electrical layoutsUML or use case diagrams and crime scene reconstructions. It produces results as good as Visio but with considerably less effort and time.

You can get started now with SmartDraw for free to judge for yourself. For a more detailed look, you can check out our in-depth SmartDraw review. Visio for Mac Watch this video on YouTube. However, once mastered OmniGraffle Pro produces attractive, professional diagrams, user interfaces and wireframes that look better than anything possible in Visio. Finally, for Project Managers, OmniGraffle is fully integrated with project management tool OmniPlan from the same developer.

OmniPlan is also a powerful project management tool which makes a great replacement for Microsoft Project on Mac. You can also check out our full OmniGraffle review for more. However, if Visio compatibility is not important to you, ConceptDraw Diagram does a better job of exporting diagrams to Microsoft Office and Evernote among other formats. There are plenty of templates to get you going divided into different areas such as landscapingengineering, management, science, flowcharts etc.

For Project Managers, it can be used alongside ConceptDraw Project which is a powerful project management software made by the same developer. Creately is a lightweight, fast and cost-effective alternative to Visio.

Creately is a lot simpler than Visio but you can create some pretty impressive diagrams, Venn diagrams, flowcharts and process flows with it. There are some neat touches in Creately like shared project libraries, a useful Google Image search tool and auto snapping of objects connectors.

Creately has a Mac desktop client which allows you to draw offline and sync any changes when you go online again.

visio online for mac

You can also read our review of Creately if you want to learn more. Lucidchart is a powerful online diagramming software with strong team collaboration features and excellent integration with Microsoft Office.If you have ever used Visio you will know how hard it is to learn the basic functions, let alone master it.

Plus you need to pay to upgrade to the latest version whenever a new version is released.

visio online for mac

Even a simple thing as backing up you need to do manually. On the other hand all of this is done for you in Creately. The age of stand-alone tool is over. The new age is all about collaboration and integration.

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Creately integrates seamlessly with many of your favorite environments. Our plugins are featured in. Simplicity and automation, those are the two main reasons why many love using us over Microsoft Visio. Our contextual toolbar top right image helps you to create and connect the next object in a single click.

With Visio you need to drag, drop and then manually connect them. Move an object and the connector will automatically snap to the nearest glue point. This way you don't have to manually adjust the glue point whenever you move an object. Our smart object automatically adjust to the context and some of our text based objects can be modified by simply double clicking and changing the text.

Listed above are some unique features that will make diagramming that much easier. There are plenty more and you'll simply never find a diagramming tool that is as easy to use as our tool. With Visio you have to pay and get Microsoft SharePoint to enable real-time collaboration. With Creately it's built in and works like a charm.

Then you'll have an even harder time collaborating on your diagrams. Creately is web based so won't have such concerns. Each and every change is stored as a revision so you can go back and quickly revert changes as well.

We take real-time collaboration to a whole new level. We know there are times that offline drawing is the only option. You might not have access to the Internet or your company might have a policy against storing data in the cloud.

Creately desktop was released for exactly those types of users. It's a downloadable version of Creately which can be installed in Windows, Mac or Linux. You can optionally sync it with your online account, so anything you draw offline will be synced with your online account as soon as you connect to the Internet.

For organizations that love web based products but are hesitant to store their data on third party servers we have Creately Servera fully functional version of Creately which they can install in their own servers behind a firewall.

We are trusted by. Compared to Visio, Creately offers a much simpler and a more affordable way to draw diagrams for you and your team.

Visio viewer

Productivity Features for 3 Times Faster Diagramming. Real-time collaboration to work with teams. Tools to easily import your existing Visio files. Access your diagrams anywhere with Creately Mobile. Expertly-Designed Diagram Templates. Online Bus Reservation System.Are you moving your organization to the Cloud?

Have you been waiting for the right time to replace Visio with a more modern Visio alternative? SmartDraw gives you all the features you expect from an enterprise-class diagramming software for a fraction of the price of Visio.

You'll get all the power to communicate, innovate, and move your organization forward at a much more affordable price and available on any device, PC or Mac. With SmartDraw, you'll pay a fraction of that and anyone can get the power to create diagrams for reports and presentations. You start with a few rudimentary tools and if you need to change anything—move a shape, delete a shape, or add a new shape—you're on your own. Calculate your savings with our ROI calculator.

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Learn more. Enterprise Site License. SmartDraw automates all of this for you. Click simple commands, and SmartDraw does the rest.

SmartDraw saves you money on a single license and saves you even more for your team or enterprise. Learn more about our site license here. SmartDraw also includes a Windows download allowing you to work offline or behind a firewall. See why SmartDraw is the best Visio alternative on a Mac.

Our experts are standing by for any help you might need! No more need to dig through various Visio forums looking for an answer. It's the best of both worlds. See why SmartDraw's Visio export is best in class. Adding visuals to presentations and reports has never been easier. See all SmartDraw integrations. Leave notes and add hyperlinks. You can also share files with non SmartDraw users by simply emailing them a link. Build diagrams from data automatically and build dashboards by assigning data to shapes, export manifests, and simplify complexity.

Learn more here. Millions of Users and Top Ratings Fortune enterprises and individual users alike have all found SmartDraw to be the best Visio alternative. By continuing to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Read More. Follow Us. Powerful Diagramming. Visio Import and Export.Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about Visio for the web. If you are looking to get started, see View, create, and edit a diagram in Visio for the web.

If you're new to using Visio, see Beginner tutorial for Visio. Yes, with limitations. You can use Visio for the web without a license to view basic Visio files. Sign in to your Microsoft account, upload the Visio file to OneDrive, and then select the file there to open it. The file opens in your browser in Visio for the web, giving you the ability to see the file in read-only view. For more information, see Why can't I open a diagram for editing in Visio for the web?

You or your administrator can check which license you're a part of by following the steps in What Microsoft business product or license do I have? Visio for the web isn't available with the Home or Personal edition of Microsoft Microsoft has two Visio subscription plans.

Both include the ability to edit Visio files in a web browser. See which Visio subscription plan you prefer. When you have a Visio Plan 1 subscription, you can use Visio for the web to edit Visio files on a Mac.

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It's a web-based application available on most browsers, including on macOS Safari and Chrome. Use the most recent versions of the following browsers for the best experience with Visio for the web. For more details, see Which browsers work with Office for the web. On mobile devices, the ability to edit files in Visio for the web is only available on devices 9 inches or larger. Visio Plan 1 and Plan 2 are web-based products. To find them, open your web browser and go to www.

Then, log in with a work or school account. If your organization has a subscription plan for Visio for the web, you can access it from www. If you don't currently have a OneDrive for work or school subscription, you'll receive 2GB of storage with your subscription plan.

If you do have an existing OneDrive for work or school subscription, the 2GB of storage included in a Visio for the web plan does not add to your existing storage capacity nor does it override your current OneDrive for work or school subscription. For more information, see UML diagrams in Visio. Sorry, Visio for the web doesn't support importing shapes.

Sorry, Visio for the web doesn't support this feature. You can't set Information Rights Management IRM from within Visio for the web, but Visio for the web honors whatever access rights have been set for a file in the desktop Visio app once the file is stored online.

Data linking is only available through the Visio desktop app, but in Visio for the web you can view data-linked diagrams. Visio currently supports multiple data sources, including:. Visio for the web Help. Use Visio on a Mac. A subscription to make the most of your time. Try one month free.