Enunciate used in a sentence

Such was the Buddha's gospel, as his most ancient scriptures enunciate it. But it was one thing to enunciate such magnificent theories in a lecture, and quite another to apply them in the market-place. His first subject was Aaron Baumann, a co-religionist, whom he taught to enunciate the letters of the alphabet, and to articulate certain ordinary phrases. The rest either enunciate the religion as explained above, or describe the means adopted by the king for propagating it, or acting in accordance with it.

Khalil ibn Ahmadan Arab from Oman, of the school of Basra, was the first to enunciate the laws of Arabic metre and the first to write a dictionary.

Probably not, unless there are other factors involved, such as language development, physical problems, or home influences such as how parents communicate or enunciate words. The Promise does not enunciate judgments, preferring positive statements instead.

Accordingly, when he denies the reality of Being, and declares Becoming, or eternal flux and change, to be the sole actuality, Heraclitus must be understood to enunciate not only the unreality of the abstract notion of being, except as the correlative of that of not-being, but also the physical doctrine that all phenomena are in a state of continuous transition from non-existence to existence, and vice versa, without either distinguishing these propositions or qualifying them by any reference to the relation of thought to experience.

The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences enunciate. Enunciate sentence examples enunciate. Related Articles. Nearby Words.And, as importantly, he has to enunciate clearly what he is not asking that the government be allowed to do.

His attempts in his first year in office to enunciate key principles but leave the nuts-and-bolts drafting of legislation to Congress were understandable, but such an approach hasn't worked with health care. This is interpreted by many to mean that those who open their mouths and enunciate get what they want are treated less cavalierly than others who do not speak up. No one has wanted to turn the page on Iraq more than Obama, but as president and commander in chief, he could not enunciate his true feelings about that chapter in American history.

enunciate used in a sentence

So, there's a lot of words that you can make rhyme when you just - if you enunciate them right. The speech recognition is very good, you don't necessarily need to enunciate perfectly, as long as you say the right commands or come close.

You need to Enunciate your words more carefully so that we can understand what you are trying to say. You are here: Home Sentence Dictionary. Sentence with the word Enunciate He insisted there was no such word in Spanish as " enunciate " or "enunciation". The teacher might encourage the student to " enunciate " more clearly. A lot of it has to do with enunciation, the way you enunciate a word. Related Sources. Link to this page.Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English.

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Not a single document exists in which that sense of ' mission ' is directly enunciated. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Both of her readings are fluent, color fully intoned, and with carefully enunciated literary standard pronunciation. On subsequent occasions, the guru lengthens the segments until, probably on about the sixth occasion, he enunciates each line in its entirety.

Our main result can be enunciated now as the following theorem.Sentence count Posted: Updated: Clear enunciation of sounds is very important, particularly when speaking into the telephone. Though enunciation is given to such feelings on occasion, it is by no means pervasive.

A piece can sometimes be divined on the enunciation of the personages; in the same manner a band can almost be judged from the list of ruffians composing it. The vital matter of the pronunciation and enunciation in chorus is to analyze the relationship between the structure of the language and the vocalizing of singing. Study the result enunciationthe infant social sex development level and the home education method exist the very high relativity.

There was in the enunciation of these words, thus repeated, an accent between an exclamation and an interrogation point.

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Study the enunciationthe core competencies of a business enterprise grow is to have the indivisibility the inside relation with its human resource development, the training system choice. If sloppy enunciation is one of the most irritating speech habits, using excessive fillers while you speak is the most irritating speech habit. Difference of this kind of target the clear enunciation Chinese pay attention to in shape of pleasant impression sentencedict.

Research result enunciation : the mathematics' model is simple but valid, have the practical value in water physical endowment measure evaluation.

Result enunciation :Pramecium's thriving period was very different in different polluting water, and it relatived to the totle living of plankton. Result shows that enunciation weight of the the big youth pantheress rat of variety variance does not obvious, and has certain impact role on the spleen, thus may affect its immunity function.

Foreword:The research enunciation that is recently, people always in medical treatment, be been as pre-eminent community, patient doctor minority, but we do to experiment the proof, this is wrong. But the bare enunciation of such an absurdity as this last renders refutation superfluous.

The results enunciation :The neurotoxicity probably relates with acrylamide and the animal tumor outcome occurring in some organs probably relates with glycidamide.

Apply the result enunciationthe article put forward of the participant define a method can biggest to build up the participant define of vivid, have a good applied foreground.

Practice the enunciationthat method can increase the result that fingerprint image strengthen with speed.

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Analytic result by system dynamics model enunciation : The development of our country's predominance industry current still main by labor and funds devotion. More Zhi Long Ping knows this after the event, hoping to employ three Jin woods toward the new farmland Rang one enunciation five Langs is his effects.Definition of Enunciate. Examples of Enunciate in a sentence. When Will was intoxicated, he was hard to understand because he did not enunciate his statements.

The speech coach reminded the students to enunciate their words so people could comprehend what they were saying. As the teacher gave instructions, she was careful to enunciate each step of the process so her young students would not be confused.

Heather knew she was in trouble when her father started to speak slowly and enunciate his words in a loud voice. At my favorite hotel, the staff always knows what I want before I enunciate my desires. Teachers are asked to enunciate the school rules to their students on the first day of class. Since a tour guide is required to speak to crowds of people, the ability to enunciate properly is a requirement for the position.

As Jake could not enunciate his thoughts after his stroke, he had to write everything on a notepad. If Herb wants people to understand what he is saying, he needs to slow down and enunciate his words. Because I did not enunciate the thesis statement in the first paragraph of my research paper, I lost ten points.

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enunciate used in a sentence

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Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.I am having trouble hearing you, please enunciate your words.

He could enunciate his words very well, so he often was called on to read to the group. To enunciate means to pronounce your words clearly. Here are some sentences. Enunciate clearly when you give a speech. The teacher said that I don't enunciate properly. I wish he would enunciate his words because I have trouble understanding his accent. Can you enunciate clearly I am having trouble hearing you?

Enunciate: to utter articulated sounds, pronounce. You "enunciate" words, as in, you properly pronounce them so they can be understood well. Billy spoke loudly and clearly, enunciating each of his words.

That is the correct spelling of "enunciate" to articulate words, or state policies. E-nun-siAt ee nun see eight or ee noun see eight.

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To enunciate is to speak very clearly, to make sure you pronounce your words carefully, so that you will be perfectly understood as you are speaking. Mimic Apex :. Modulate your voice. Enunciate carefully, pause when appropriate, and accent important points with a change in volume. Individual has to r enunciate and become Buddhist monk. The word enunciated is a verb. It is the past tense of enunciate. Here's a sentence: How can I use the word carbonate in a sentence?

How to Make Money Online?Word suggestions 2 : EnunciateEnunciation. Looking for sentences with " Enunciate "? Here are some examples. Synonyms: 1. Pronounce 2.

Articulate 3. Say 4. Speak 5.

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Utter 6. Express 7. Voice 8. Vocalize 9.

enunciate used in a sentence

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