Bispecific antibodies in cancer immunotherapy

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However, more than BsAb formats have been described in the literature, with varying molecular shapes, sizes, and valencies 3. While developmental considerations will always be an important decision, ultimately it is the functional properties of the design which dictate efficacy and safety.

Vafa and Trinklein provide a valuable discussion of this subject, especially as it relates to epitopes for T-cell engagement. Of particular interest is the concept of decoupling cytokine release from anti-tumor cytotoxicity, thereby limiting the impact of cytokine release syndrome CRS and potentially permitting substantial increases in the maximum tolerated dose MTD.

Given the number of clinical trials which report CRS as the dose-limiting toxicity 4such approaches, if confirmed in the clinic, could provide significant clinical benefit, and may also improve other CRS-inducing immunotherapies such as CAR-T cell therapy. This substantially reduces the total administrated BsAb dose, while still providing potent anti-tumor activity, as demonstrated in Dr.

Whether these approaches will succeed in a clinical setting remains to be seen. Doing so allowed them to take advantage of a greater avidity when binding to immune cells trimeric vs monomeric without increasing the protein complexity through additional multimerization domains or higher affinity interactions.

It is not currently clear how many more antibody designs will eventually receive clinical approval; however, as we learn more about protein design and engineering, newer and more advanced formats will become available, and hopefully improve the bispecific antibody landscape at large. However, as long as safety and potency remain the most important endpoints, future optimizations should remain focused on cytokine release, T-cell activation and cytotoxicity.

Due to the highly lineage restricted protein expression of many of B-cell tumor antigens CD19, CD20, CD22, etc as well as the treatable side effects of short and long-term B cell aplasia, therapeutics directed at B-cell malignancies have generally seen more clinical successes than those against solid tumors.

Among these, BCMA is generally considered the most promising, due to its relative absence on non-lymphoid tissues, stem cells, or T-cells, and has recently seen the approval of an antibody-drug conjugate belantamab mafodotin-blmf.

Like MM, ongoing clinical trials are exploring a multitude of BsAb formats, and some groups are even exploring combining therapies with other modalities, such as immune checkpoint inhibition ICIimmunomodulatory imide drugs ImIds or antibody-drug conjugates ADCs. Given the difficulty in treating solid tumors, B-cell malignancies such as MM and NHL, may be the next indications where BsAb therapies provide significant clinical impact.

Drawn to Science - T-cell bispecific antibodies

With the enormous diversity of antibody formats being tested and CD3 epitopes being targeted, once phase I trials are completed it will be interesting to compare their safety profiles in addition to their relative anti-tumor effect. Many groups have also begun studying combination therapies as an alternative method to overcome the limits of BsAb monotherapy, seeking to both improve the treatment efficacy and response duration.

In addition to both PD-1 and PD-L1 being upregulated after treatment with BsAbs, both targets have multiple approved antibodies, greatly simplifying the clinical strategy for combination studies. Additionally, both T-cell BsAbs and ICI therapies have suffered from separate but potentially complementary limitations.

T-cell BsAbs have struggled to treat solid tumors, while ICI therapies have had major successes treating lung cancer, colon cancer and melanoma. It should be noted that with any synergy in efficacy comes the risk of synergy in toxicity, however this should be resolvable through appropriate dosing and treatment scheduling.

Editorial: Bispecific Antibodies for T-Cell Based Immunotherapy

In summary, BsAb studies over the last several years have demonstrated compelling preclinical and early phase clinical data. This Research Topic explored many of these concepts and also proposed several new strategies for treating cancer with BsAbs. Going forward we hope to see each of these advance our understanding of T-cell immunotherapy and hope that some provide a much-needed improvement in clinical outcomes. All authors listed have made a substantial, direct, and intellectual contribution to the work and approved it for publication.

CK declares employment, patents, and stock ownership with Roche. Safety and activity of blinatumomab for adult patients with relapsed or refractory B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: a multicentre, single-arm, phase 2 study. Lancet Oncol — Emicizumab Prophylaxis in Hemophilia A with Inhibitors. New Engl J Med — Alternative molecular formats and therapeutic applications for bispecific antibodies.

Bispecific Antibodies in Cancer

Mol Immunol — Cytokine release syndrome. J Immuno Therapy Cancer Front Immunol Bispecific antibodies, as the name suggests, simultaneously target 2 or more tumor antigens on the same or separate cells to disrupt cancer development or progression. Others engage and tether cancer cells and immune cells together to increase cancer-cell destruction. No matter the strategy researchers take, however, interest in these bioengineered antibodies has been rekindled by the striking success seen in the treatment of some cancers with immunotherapy — notably, checkpoint inhibitors and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell CAR-T therapy — in the past few years.

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bispecific antibodies in cancer immunotherapy

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Want to view more content from Cancer Therapy Advisor?Contact form. Light Chain Bioscience is leveraging its proprietary bispecific antibody format to advance immune therapies in oncology and beyond.

bispecific antibodies in cancer immunotherapy

Light Chain emerged from Novimmune, which over the past 20 years has developed monoclonal antibodies mAbs in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, with seven reaching clinical trials and one, the anti-interferon mAb Gamifant emapalumabgaining approval by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA in as the first treatment for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.

In JulyNovimmune divested Gamifant and related activities, and rebranded as Light Chain Bioscience with a focus on bispecific antibodies. Bispecific antibodies represent a rapidly growing therapeutic approach, and many methods have been devised for their production. Often this has required extensive engineering of antibodies at their interfaces, or addition of linkers and other foreign sequences, to facilitate assembly and allow the cells expressing the antibodies to produce the bispecific product in sufficient quantities.

As more and more bispecific antibodies have entered clinical trials, immunogenicity potentially associated with engineered or foreign elements in the antibodies is emerging as a significant concern.

CD47 is an immune checkpoint protein that functions as a regulator of phagocytosis. Cancer immunotherapies that target adaptive immune checkpoints have demonstrated clinical benefits in a range of cancers, and in recent years the idea of targeting innate immune checkpoints has emerged as a hot topic, with CD47 widely seen as an exciting new innate checkpoint molecule.

Tumor cells frequently hijack this system and overexpress CD47, which translates clinically into worse prognoses across several cancer indications.

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However, early examples of this approach contained a fully functional Fc portion that led to indiscriminate binding and killing of normal cells, including red blood cells RBCs and platelets,which resulted in dangerous thrombocytopenia.

The CDbinding domain has been optimized so that it binds with relatively low affinity, which ensures that it does not remain bound to normal cells, including RBCs and platelets.

bispecific antibodies in cancer immunotherapy

The CD binding domain, however, binds to its ligand tightly and anchors TG on the surface of B cells, where it can then co-bind to CD Crucially, because the Fc portion is fully functional in TG, it can recruit macrophages as well as other effector cells in the tumor microenvironment to eat and kill tumor cells that they would otherwise ignore. Studies with non-human primates have shown that in a model system in which CD47 is ubiquitously expressed, TG has good pharmacokinetic properties and does not cause hemotoxicity.

TG is being jointly developed with TG Therapeutics and is currently in a phase 1 trial for B cell lymphoma. NI, a follow-on molecule, also contains a CDbinding light chain and has the same mechanism of action as TG However, instead of co-binding with CD19, NI binds to mesothelin.

Light Chain anticipates that NI, which is being developed to target a range of solid tumors, will be ready to enter the clinic in In addition, Light Chain has developed candidates for indications beyond oncology, including NI for Takeda, which targets factor IX and factor X for the treatment of hemophilia.The appeal: Bispecifics make the immune system kill tumor cells like first-gen immunotherapy, but, unlike the weeks it takes to laboriously manufacture CAR-Ts, they can start being infused almost as quickly as an oncologist can write a prescription.

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bispecific antibodies in cancer immunotherapy

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